Blue Stone are the production duo Robert Smith and Bill Walters. Both write, produce, program and arrange all the music for Blue Stone. The music is electronic based, but the group uses many organic sounds and natural percussion to elevate the sound beyond simple electronica. World music, tribal rhythms and lush orchestration are the underpinning for melodic female vocals and harmonies that give the music its ethereal texture or "angelic" sound.

The vocalists featured include: Sara Bloomfield, Sheyenne Rivers, Samantha Sandlin, Sara Day Evans, Veronica Gunter and guests like Bridin Brennan.

To date, Blue Stone have released 5 albums including their most recent, Pandora's Box. Their debut, Breathe, focused on chants and operatic vocal treatments, while the stunning "World's Apart" and its successor "Messages" placed strict emphasis on song structure and more pop-like vocal arrangements. Pandora's Box, released on May 31, 2011 is Blue Stone's first "all instrumental" recording, and takes on a more laid back, psychedelic and moody feel. 2011 see's Blue Stone releasing a late year EP of "vocal tracks" to supplement the instrumental release and to keep those fans of their vocal-based music fully engaged.

Blue Stone's use of video and trailers for promotion as well as their very active facebook and twitter page/accounts keep friends and fans up to date on all that is in the works. A consistant producer of fine electronic music, Blue Stone are here to stay. They don't deviate too far from what got them here - but they will always push the musical envelope to stay at the forefront of their genre, and to satisfy what they consider some of the most beautiful people anywhere - their fans.


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